Biometric Readers : the Future of Access Control

Biometrics, an expanding technology, is revolutionizing the world of authentication and access control. By leveraging the unique characteristics of individuals, this method of recognition enhances security in various domains. In this article, we will explore the applications of biometric authentication, the stages of access control and identity management, and the primary biometric readers offered by Coppernic.

What are the Applications of Biometric Authentication?

Biometrics offers extensive possibilities for reliable and rapid identification of individuals in different scenarios. Some of the common application areas include:

Biometric readers are utilized to capture and store citizens’ data during processes such as census or elections. This technology simplifies data management and contributes to transparent democratic procedures.
Mobile law enforcement units benefit from biometrics for swift and efficient controls. Biometric authentication enables rapid identification of individuals during security operations.
Verification of identity documents is crucial for ensuring national security. Biometric authentication strengthens the fight against document fraud, facilitates expedited border crossings, and promotes international security cooperation.
KYC (Know Your Customer)
In the industrial sector, swift identification of clients or prospects is essential. Biometrics simplifies the registration process, ensuring the accuracy of provided information.
Biometric readers are widely used in various buildings or specific locations for access control to restricted areas. This technology guarantees enhanced security by verifying the identities of authorized personnel.

What are the Stages of Access Control & Biometric Identity Management?

The management of identity through biometrics involves four key stages:

ENROLMENT: This stage involves capturing an individual’s biometric data and storing it securely in a database. Physical characteristics such as fingerprints, facial features, or iris patterns are recorded.

VERIFICATION: When a person seeks access to a secure location or system, their biometric data is compared to the records in the database. This verification process validates or rejects the individual’s identity.

IDENTIFICATION: If the verification fails, an additional step of identification may be required. The entire database is searched to find an exact match for the provided biometric data, confirming the person’s identity accurately.

CONTROL: In addition to biometric data, a document check, such as comparing with an official identification document, can further strengthen access control. This step ensures a reliable verification process.

Additionally, duplicate searches may be performed to prevent multiple registrations of an individual in assistance programs, for example.

What are the Key Biometric Readers offered by Coppernic?

Coppernic offers a range of high-performance biometric readers tailored to specific application requirements. Here are three flagship models:

ID Platform FAP50
This biometric tablet combines durability and total mobility, weighing less than 1 kg. It enables rapid enrolment in under two minutes and provides a reliable solution for field operations.

ID Platform FAP20
Also in the form of a tablet, the FAP20 stands out for its lightweight design and user-friendly interface. It ensures accurate fingerprint capture and meets the demands of mobile environments.

This biometric reader features a dual front/back camera and an enhanced fingerprint capture system. It offers optimal performance for biometric identification in various scenarios.

Coppernic’s rapid deployment approach simplifies the integration of these biometric readers into existing systems.


In conclusion, biometrics represents a significant asset in the realm of authentication and access control. As we enter 2023, the main challenge lies in finding the optimal balance between privacy, data security, and processing speed. Coppernic positions itself as a leader in developing reliable and high-performing biometric solutions.

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