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Verallia: The Pallet Tracking Solution


In 2011, Coppernic, expert in RFID solutions, launched a new solution for companies needing to ensure the precise monitoring of their activity on the logistics side. Commissioned by Verallia, one of the world’s leading glass packaging manufacturers, Coppernic developed a tailor-made solution to improve the logistics processes of 40 production and storage sites across Europe by integrating RFID technologies.

The objective was to replace barcode or paper-based traceability, which was difficult (multiple reading, problematic use in hostile environments, impossibility of storing information, etc.), with RFID traceability and thus ensure:

  • Delivery of the right pallet to the right customer,
  • Monitoring of storage and deliveries,
  • Proactivity in the event of a quality issue.
These elements had to be guaranteed in order to meet Verallia’s goal of efficiency and optimisation of its logistics circuits.


The “Pallet Tracking” solution, designed and developed by Verallia with the expertise of Coppernic’s engineers, is a powerful UHF RFID monitoring tool.

This solution, installed in our customers’ logistics warehouses and production sites, can be used in any industries that requires a controlled and efficient monitoring of their products to confirm the quality of their industrial process. The first step consists of transferring the original information contained on the paper label to an RFID tag. This is done using a smart industrial encoding system with direct thermal transfer.

solution chariot
- Coppernic forklift solution -

A wide variety of data can be encoded. For example, we can associate the pallet content, pallet number, production date, manufacturing order, article code, customer number, etc. The data are stored in a server that centralises the information from all the pallets with an RFID tag. Each production output line is equipped with an RFID “Gate” that reads the individual pallets. This step creates the pallet in the system with its identification and the location of the product in relation to its placement in one of the storage lines in the warehouse.

Coppernic also innovated by installing a complete UHF RFID system (reader, antennas and tablet) on the forklift trucks used in the logistic or production chains. This “truck solution” allows the forklift operator to identify the product being transported in real time and updates the information on the pallet if it is moved, if its contents are changed or if it is loaded to be shipped to the customer.


palette tracking
- Palette Tracking by Coppernic -

This system, which is open loop (creation of a product in the system that will be transferred to a customer), has been very popular with our customers.

Verallia, one of the world leaders in manufacturing glass packaging, was able to upgrade 40 production and storage sites with the “Pallet Tracking” solution. This solution ensures the interoperability of all of the sites managed by Verallia. All of the data concerning the pallets or products are centralised in SAP, which allows each operator or person involved in the production and logistics lines to ensure the efficient monitoring of these products.

Now, inventory is managed in real time without errors or downtime. This has multiple benefits:
increased productivity, increased ease, optimised quality, and improved ROI
for the end customer.

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