Laundry: The Traceability Solution for Flat Linens


Customised RFID solutions have been one of Coppernic’s core activities for several years. Coppernic has developed this technology and has adapted customised solutions designed for different industries, in particular the laundry sector.


Coppernic was commissioned by Elis and Wartner to design a comprehensive and tailored UHF RFID solution to optimise the flat linen traceability processes now used in their factories. The linens supplied by these companies are already equipped with UHF RFID tags.

For companies which need a constant supply of clean linens, uniforms, workwear, and medical garments, this solution allows large volumes of items to be tracked quickly and accurately using automated systems.


To address this issue, Coppernic developed solutions that are perfectly suited to the environment throughout the entire laundry process.

The process takes place in a closed loop with several key phases:

Product identification and registration using a fixed or mobile RFID encoding station.

Monitoring of the dirty laundry upon reception using a fully integrated xPortal-type entry gateway.

Monitoring of laundry throughout the sorting/washing/folding process by: RFID conveyor, RFID reading table, RFID strapping machine, RFID sling.

Monitoring of clean laundry at dispatch using a Faraday cage-type RFID gateway.

Additional features such as item search or on-site inventory monitoring using UHF RFID mobile devices.

Zone Réception avec lecteur xPortal RAIN RFID
- Receiving area with xPortal RAIN RFID reader -
- RFID folding table with integrated antenna -

This means the company can know exactly how many items are available or have been returned and are on site in real time. There are multiple stations throughout the factory to ensure that the items are continuously monitored, and their status is updated.

The data is uploaded to a Web server that collects all of the data and the history of the laundry.

For Wartner, the RFID readers are controlled by the Speedway Connect embedded application that can be used to configure the readers.


- RFID Conveyor-

Elis has equipped its two factories based in Nanterre and Wartner‘s main factory as well as its customer, the George V palace, with the Coppernic solution.

These companies have a better visibility of the life cycle of their textile products.

They can improve the services offered to their customers with a precise visibility of deliveries, allowing them to optimize their stock and their orders.

The expertise of Coppernic’s engineers and technicians has enabled them to innovate and implement tailor-made solutions to optimise the monitoring of flat linen for these companies.

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