ID Platform

Tablet dedicated to KYC


Coppernic provides a complete SDK for its devices.
For each specific feature, developers have access to a sample application and full documentation.


All ID Platform specifications can be downloaded for versions Standard & XS


  • Barcode reader
    • Documentation and code examples are available here:ScanSample.
  • Fingerprint Capture
    • Documentation and code examples are available here:FingerPrintSample.
    • For tablets with Suprema Reader, it is advisable to order this example instead : SupremaSample. Make sure to check the ID Platform branch.
  • RFID reader
    • Documentation and code examples are available here: SeosSample.
  • PCSC : Smartcard reader
    • Documentation and code examples are available here: PcscSample.

OS Update

All operating system packages can be found on the website of Copperpro.

  • Preconditions
    • You must have adb installed on your computer.
    • you must be familiar with adb and know how to install an operating system on an Android platform.
  • OTA (This method uses the OTA (Over The Air) package.)
    • – Get the OTA package on copperpro’s website.
    • – Restart IdPlatform in recovery mode: Home restart recovery.
    • – On the recovery page, select update adb.
    • – On your computer, run adb sideload [PACKAGE_FILE] (replace [PACKAGE_FILE] with the name of your package).
    • – When the update is complete, restart the device.
  • Fastboot (If the previous method fails, try this one, it uses the fastboot package).
    • – Get the fastboot package from the copperpro website.
    • – Unpack the package and go to the uncompressed folder.
    • – Restart IdPlatform in fastboot mode: adb reboot fastboot.
    • – On your computer, run the script.
    • – If you are a Windows user, do not hesitate to update the flash script.