Innovatrics & Coppernic provide reliable Mobile Biometric Enrollment Devices

Reliable collection of biometric samples in the field requires industry-grade mobile biometric hardware and solutions.
Coppernic and Innovatrics are working together to address these requirements to improve the results for police, coast guards and law enforcement.

Coppernic produces biometric enrollment devices to be used sometimes in extreme conditions – and they still must be fully functional.

Off-the-shelf tablets, even with customized operating systems, just don’t cut it.

For biometric algorithms, Coppernic has turned to Innovatrics, a provider of highly-accurate, resource-light fingerprint and facial recognition algorithms.

The Coppernic device can read passport chips and verify fingerprints and faces.

"The Coppernic devices are designed to be highly portable, durable and reliable. This is important in cases where we collect a lot of biometric data, such as with biometric registration for the elections.”

For optimal results, a good user interface (UI) and  device design is of utmost importance, explains Rob Vandervecht, Chief Marketing Officer of the French company Coppernic.

The interface helps collect fingerprints and photos in optimum quality. Badly enrolled fingerprints can create problems e.g. when using biometric verification for elections, as they would prevent people from voting. Other challenges arise from infrastructural issues, such as bad or non-existent data connection or lack of electricity. Sturdy hardware design with a mobile-specific operating system has to account for those as well.

The UI is built around the specific needs of each customer.

Well-designed UI helps capture biometric data effortlessly.

"Working with enforcement agencies such as the Czech Police or the US Coast guard, several proof-of-concept and pilot phases are used to understand the critical aspects and user needs of each use case, sometimes in extreme circumstances."

The devices must be sturdy, with fingerprint readers resilient enough to be used e.g. on high seas.

The app itself has to be smart enough to conserve battery life and collect biometric samples in optimal quality even when the enrollees have never used a similar device. Once again, UI must be tested for the specific use case, otherwise the biometric data might become compromised.

“In countries where biometric-based elections are held, the lower quality of the data might block the voters from exercising their rights."

The devices can connect to the biometric database, but are also able to perform quick identification right on the device. The Innovatrics algorithms powering the identification are optimized for performance, increasing battery life on the devices.

About Innovatrics

Innovatrics is an independent, trusted partner for biometric identity management technology. The company has completed more than 500 projects in 80 countries with over a billion people having been biometrically processed using Innovatrics software. The award-winning Innovatrics algorithms provide best-in-class speed and accuracy for projects of all sizes and guarantee the highest level of performance.

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About Coppernic


Coppernic designs, produces, and deploys professional-grade handheld devices for use with control and traceability applications including Public Transportation Ticketing, Mobile Biometric Identification, Mobile Access Control and the Traceability of Goods & Materials.
We have successfully deployed and supported mobile device systems ranging from 1 to over 10,000 devices in a wide variety of markets. We provide comprehensive support packages and expertise in mobile security, data connectivity, mobile device management and analytics. 

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