Access Control & Ticketing Solutions using mobile devices

For many years, Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) have provided for the security and safety of people in office buildings, airports, manufacturing plants and many other types of facilities. A group of technology companies have come together to add flexibility and innovation to those systems with a partnership in the Czech Republic.

Cominfo is a Czech company providing access gates and related software systems for over 30 years.
They recently enhanced their solution offering by adding rugged mobile devices to their technology portfolio, allowing them to address two new applications – Event Ticketing and Mobile Entry Points.
The Scan2Go solution from Cominfo provides two operating modes while managing access to event venues, such as stadiums, museums, galleries and heritage sites.

In Ticket Mode, the handheld devices provide visitor verification and access, with smooth and easy ticket reading and authorization.

In Coupon Mode, the same devices can be used by vendors at the event to allow customers to redeem vouchers for food and beverages that are included in their ticket.

Through their Mobile Entry Point solution, Cominfo is able to extend traditional systems to control access to remote locations such as factories, construction sites, storage yards.

By selecting specialized, rugged mobile devices, this seamless solution allows for the control of visitors and employees where fixed equipment installation is not available or practical.

To complete the solution, Point.X introduced the mobile application generator solution of Kalipso Studio. With extensive experience in Android app development, Point.X relies on Kalipso v5 to integrate all the technology supported by the Coppernic devices and quickly deploy the software applications that power the Cominfo solutions. Herstus added that they found that the development performance of Kalipso to be higher compared to Android/Java, making it a logical choice.

The rugged handheld devices required for these applications are provided by Point.X, an experienced provider of AutoID and mobile solutions. Michal Herstus of Point.X explains that they selected handheld devices manufactured by Coppernic due to their flexibility and performance.

Coppernic has a portfolio of fit-for-purpose devices designed to provide fast, high performance reading of RFID tickets, cards or barcodes. Along with their exceptional durability, battery life and ergonomics, they ensure that all users can quickly and efficiently manage their shifts without incidents.

Together, the technology partners delivered a complete solution
with great benefits due to adding mobility.